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SAM4S cash registers are highly versatile, affordable machines that are ideally suited from the small mom and pop stores to large merchants.  For the price of a register, you get programming as well as 24 hour support for free.  Many Sam4S cash registers also feature com ports that are able to connect scanners, and scales very much like the point of sale systems.  Feel free to call about any of our cash registers and if do not see a particular make or model, we will locate one for you.




ER-5200 Series

Thermal Type Low-End ECR


 ER-180T has powerful performance and features easy operation whoever can do in entry level

This product is designed for small retail and hospitality markets.


Quick, Quiet, & Economical Thermal ECR


 ER-380 is quiet and speedy, this model provides cost-effective solution for a wide range of retail and hospitality applications.

Improved 2-Station Thermal ECR


 ER-5200 series are speedy, quiet and high-performance cash register so will satisfy your various business environment at a low cost.



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