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The SW-500 Heat Sealer is ideal for hand wrapping foods in Styrofoam or plastic trays to help keep food fresher and for a longer duration.  Foods wrapped and sealed remain free from dust and other contaminants to ensure food products are more appealing to customers.

The SW-500 Heat Sealer uses a heat blade to cut the wrapping film to the required size while the heat plate shrinks and seals the wrap for an airtight seal. Suitable for use with film up to 500mm wide, the SW-500 Heat Sealer is also fitted with an adjustable temperature control.

The embossed heating plate of this SW-500 Heat Sealer prevents product from easily slipping off the plate during handling while the plate temperature can be easily regulated using a combination ON/OFF and rotary switch. The cutter blade temperature can also be selected to suit operator preference.

The stainless steel housing of the SW-500 Heat Sealer is rust resistant and makes for easy cleaning in food handing environments while the high quality and rugged design ensures a long working life. This Heat Sealer & Hand Wrapper is a very cost-effective purchase and is ideally suited for use in all typical food sealing applications such as required by bakeries, green grocers, delicatessens and seafoods.



Commercial Stainless Steel Construction.

Holds a 450mm wide roll of wrapping film.

Cutter and Heating Plate individual on/off controls.

200w Adjustable Power Heating Plate - approx. 100 - 160 deg. Celsius.

50w Cutter.

Single Phase 3 pin / 10amp / 240volt / 50hz.

Standard Household Plug.


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