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Design, experience and technology have converted Zumex into a global reference in automatic juicers. More than 25 years' experience enables Zumex to place a wide range of solutions at the clients' disposal for squeezing fruit and vegetables.

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Small, compact and elegant, Minex juicers are made to be admired.


With an attractive design, they bring a cosmopolitan touch to any room and a personal hallmark that really makes the difference. Minex is synonymous with success. Their small size, pure lines and a large, carefully selected palette – from sober colours to lively ones – also ensures perfect adaptation to all needs and settings, this feature becoming its main identity trait.


Clean, with an integrated jug and an anti dripping system, and very practical, thanks to an orange counter and easy assembly and cleaning, Minex machines are perfection in traditional catering.


Ideal for those willing to positively surprise their customers, offering their usual, impeccable quality together with and exclusive touch of modernity.


Backed by their high-level technology, Minex machines are a leading product in the sector, hence their ability to convey a modern and effective corporate image.



Context of use Small bars and cafes with low juice demand

Fruits/min 13 fruits/min

Capacity 6/7 fruits

Fruit diameter 100 - 113 ct. cs. (70 mm - 78 mm)

Weight 47 lb / 19 kg

Power 0.06 HP

Consumption 0.044 kW / 0.45 Amps

Voltage Multitension 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz

Protection against moisture IPXO

Safety 3 detectors and electronic protection

Others 12 colors (3 metallic tone)

Jug 25.3 FL OZ (750 ml)

Original System Yes

ASP Technology Yes


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Always at the forefront of innovations, Zumex has created this remarkable machine.


The new Multifruit is the perfect result of the union between technology and design. This is the most intelligent fruit & vegetable juicer on the market thanks to its electronic control system that keeps and constant juicing power, maintaining the selected speed in every situation.


Ideal for all types of fruits and vegetables, the new Multifruit stands out for its high performance. Its brushless motor is a key to standing out from the competition thanks to a much longer lifespan than a conventional motor5. In order to facilitate its use, the new juicer has been equipped with a motor that requires no maintenance.


Quality, safety and functionality are a fact in Zumex Multifruit. The design of its grating disc with central vertex, guides the fruit during the juicing process, achieving a very high yield by increasing the contact area at high speed.


Extremely quiet, comfortable and easy to clean , Zumex multifruit incorporates a two-speed selector that allows machine users to adapt the working speed to the harness of the fruit to be processed. Zumex Multifruit is available in three colors (silver, Black & White), its stylish design to gather with its technical characteristics makes it perfect for restaurants, juice bars, fitness centers, health shops, grocery stores and supermarkets.



Context of use Juice bars, healthy food restaurants, cocktail bars and pubs

Fruit diameter 75 mm

Weight 33 lb (15 kg)

Power 1.17 HP

Consumption 1.8 Amps

Protection against moisture IPX1

Safety Dual safety microswitch on handle and recipient.

  Magnetic detector on waste bowl. Thermal protection.

Others 3 metallic colors

Performance 1,8 l/min - 120 kg/h

Speed 3.500 / 4.500 r.p.m.

Nominal power 700 W - 870 W

Sound pressure level Lower than 70 db


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