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Foodservice establishments that want to create their own ground meat or sausages will need a meat grinder. Electric models are available for those that will be grinding all day long or for those that make small quantities at a time. Meat grinders that are electrically powered come with a pusher to help feed the uncut meat. Some models even come with a sausage tube or attachments that help force the meat into a sausage casing. The grid on the front of the machine can also be changed to different sizes if you want finer or thicker shreds of meat. This piece of food prep equipment will allow you to prepare fresh ground meats for all your recipes in a flash.

Fleetwood # 22 ECONOMY MEAT GRINDER 1 1/2 HP ETL

Fleetwood #12 Meat Grinder, 1 HP, ETL

Fleetwood #22

Meat Grinder 1-1/2 HP, ETL

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