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New & Used / Rent & Finance / Sell & Buy / Maintenance & Repair / Consign & Trade-In ABBM offers a variety of services to customers, please take a moment to review a list of our services and should you see a plan that does not fit your needs, please contact us so that we may assist you better. Repairs At ABBM we only use factory authorized parts so the customer may rest at ease knowing that a repaired item will not break down due to defective parts.
POS Rental/Own Program The POS rental / own program is a program implemented by ABBM that involves a 3 or 5 year plan with the credit card merchant account as well as the maintenance fee bundled together. The first years monthly payment will be based on a 3 month average of the credit card processing fees, followed by a flat rate of $50 per month for the remainder of the contract period. For new business owners who may not have a credit card fee bill, ABBM will calculate the customers monthly credit card transactions as $2500 initially, and will reevaluate the average transaction after 3 months and will resign the rental / own program based on these averages. Financing ABBM offers financing for qualified customers, which will be based on credit history. Should you require financing please drop by or contact us with the proper paperwork on hand, i.e. Business Certificate, social security number, drivers license, bank statement, etc... Consignment ABBM offers consignment programs for those customers who may have outdated equipment, or even equipment they may no longer need. The prices for consignment will be based on model, make, and condition of the item. The customer will first need to bring the item in for the item to be evaluated. Any repairs costs (parts) that may be needed in order for the item to be sold will be split between ABBM and the consignee. Once a price is determined and sold, the total sale price will be split evenly (50 / 50) between ABBM and the consignee. A consigned item will be sold at ABBM, and ABBM reserves that right for 1 year from the date of consignment. After the initial 1 year period expires, the consignee may reserve the right to take the item back or sell it to ABBM at 20% of the listed sale price. Should the consignee leave the item for a period of 24 months, ABBM has the right to take possession of the item free of charge. Parts ABBM will also accept orders for parts that customers may need. For those savvy enough to repair an item, but is unable to locate a part, ABBM will supply those hard needed parts. When placing orders for parts, please be sure to have the make, model, and the part number on hand. Wrong orders placed due to negligent information will not be refunded or returned. 24 Hour Service For those customers needing emergency service, please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Our phones are open 24 / 7 for your convenience. For customers needing on-site repairs outside of the normal business hours of 8:30 am - 6 pm they will be charged an additional $95. Pickup and Delivery Pickups and deliveries within 10 miles will be free; however, outside of 10 miles, customers will be charged for tolls and $2 for every mile after 10. Any deliveries over 30 miles will be accepted or rejected at ABBM's discretion.

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