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The Automatic Orange Juicer is the most unique piece of fresh food merchandising equipment on the market today. This machine not only stimulates a demand for fresh orange juice, but enables the owner to create a totally new aura around his food and beverage trade.


ASJ has been manufacturing this juicer for over 40 years. Thus, ASJ has refined, improved and simplified this unit to the proven concept it is today. Believe it or not, each unit is still hand crafted out of the finest stainless steel by artisans who still take pride in the product they produce. This insures you of quality machines which will withstand the abuses often occur in commercial kitchens.


But above all, this machine squeezes oranges the only way an orange should be squeezed; by their patented process. Each orange is automatically sliced in half and then the last drop of juice is gently kissed from the orange, leaving absolutely no trace of bitter peel oil.


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